At Formby  Physiotherapy and sports rehab Clinic we use a wide range of treatments, all designed to relieve pain, promote healing and restore function

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Back Pain
Sciatica – pain referred into buttock, leg and/or foot.
Chronic - stiffness
Acute – sudden onset
Disc prolapse – including post surgical treatment
Postural issues – scoliosis, kyphosis

Neck Pain
Acute – stiffness from trauma eg. Whiplash
Chronic – arthritis
Postural stress
Referred pain into shoulder or upper limbs

Joint Problems
Arthritis – osteoarthritis/rheumatoid arthritis

Sports Injuries
Trauma – soft tissue tears and severe sprains
Injury prevention advice
Muscle imbalance/dysfunction
Over- use through poor techniques or positions

Post Orthopaedic Surgery
Knee – menisectomy
Knee replacement
ACL/PCL repair
Hip replacement
Post- surgical fixation – upper and lower limbs
Gait rehabilitation

Work Related
Over use – tenosynovitis – wrist, tennis elbow/golfers elbow
Postural stress
Ergonomic input and advice
Manual handling advice


£40 for initial assessment (1hour) and £30 for follow appointments.

If you have any of the above problems, don't let it get worse, get in contact as soon as you can. In most cases issues can get more uncomfortable and difficult to correct as they progress.

How We Treat
At Formby  Physiotherapy and sports rehab Clinic we use a wide range of treatments, all designed to relieve pain, promote healing and restore function, we also advise on preventative measures and will teach you how to avoid recurrence of your problem.

On your first consultation, you will have a thorough assessment. This involves a full examination, together with an understanding of your work, rest and lifestyle.

This full assessment is to identify your problem and ensure that the diagnoses and treatment will relate to you and your whole lifestyle. After full consultation with you, we will decide and implement the best form of treatment for you.

The clinical assessment and diagnoses considers the whole body, targeting the cause of the problem as well as treating the symptoms.

Our techniques include:

Rehabilitation Programmes- Closely supervised Rehab programmes can offer not only an enhanced recovery process but will help to prevent recurrence and maximise your functional capacity and performance.


Movement analysis/screening



Daniel Gabrielson


Dan began his working life as a footballer at Everton FC before signing for Wigan. During his footballing years Daniel spent a lot of time in the Physio room and this is when he first became interested in physiotherapy. 

Daniel qualified from Salford University in 2007 with a first class honours degree in physiotherapy and commenced work for Wirral NHS as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist. Dan has worked with numerous sporting professionals throughout his career and is currently physiotherapist to Heavyweight boxer David Price.





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